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3 Different Courses

Introduction to photography
Learning Basic Camera Functions
Introduction to Manual Mode



Learning Studio Equipment
Shooting with Studio Setup & a Model
General Editing


with De'Vonta
Learning Photoshop
General Photo Editing
Professional Skin Editing/Retouch


What is Take More Control with De'Vonta?

Take More Control with De'Vonta is a one-on-one learning session. In each session, you will learn more about perfecting your photography skills through with your camera or editing.

What comes with registration?

The registration price for your desired course includes (2) 1 Hour sessions. After your (2) sessions, De'Vonta will refer you on the further training needed (if any is needed).

What do I need in order to take a class?

- A Laptop (with Photoshop CS5 or higher)

- A Camera

- Willingness to learn and an open mind

How do I register?

To register, please fill out the contact form below and De'Vonta will contact in the VERY near future!

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